We are inventors and manufacturer "Chocola3d" 3d food printer, develop and manufacture 3d food printers from 2016.
Now our 3d food printers "Chocola3d" work in Ukraine,Russia,Bulgaria,Germany,Estonia and other countries .
We know a lot about 3d print food. We work with the real HoReCa and food market.
We have accumulated a lot of experience,practice and knowledge base in 3d print food.
We provide different 3d print food projects all over the world.
With our 3D food printer "Chocola3d" you can 3d print from
chocolate,dough,cheese,meat ,vegetable and fruit pastes,pea proteins and more 26 usual food materials,natural and healthy food ingredients.
Create your recipes,create your 3d design and 3d print the meal!
We propose ready-to-use solitions - our 3d print food printers ,3d print food projects for the industry,for HoReCa,for entertainment and educational projects,special innovative programs for adults and children,we tell you how to create your own mini-food factory or custom chocolate production,how to integrate our 3d food printers Chocola3d in your business to get success in new digital era. See more about our projects in our Gallery.
We invite you for cooperation and propose to become our partner or client

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3D food printers CHOCOLA3D

Full supports &
3D print food technology consulting


for 3d print food

3D print food show for your event

3D printed
3d print natural and healthy ingredients food projects integrations

with 3d print food



Build volume : 250 х 230 х 150 мм
Printer size:540 mm x 520 mm x480 mm
Printer weight: 22 kg
Layer resolution(nozzle diameter): 0,7 mm; 0.9 mm
Extruder: proprietary design (proprietary construction ).
Auto-calibration: yes
Body / Construction : steel (color options)
Nozzle food grade stainless steel
Firmware: own development,fully functional remote control Web Win – IOs – Android,print from smartphone tablet ,possibility to print, control (video control also),manager control,3d models hub for client and orders and more
Display and hardware:color sensor 7″ HD display tablet,remote control from your own device via web interface ,integrated single-board computers Orange Pi2,integrated WiFi module,Wireless updating System,special thermo cooling/freezing system of print(build)area
Cloud interface: yes( operate your print from any gadget)
Print from Web interface: yes
Remote control: yes
File types: .stl, .gcode
Printing material: 26 food materials- chocolate, various confectionery mixture,dough and others(hummus,cheese,meat ,vegetable pasta,fruit jelly,your recipes food mixes and other usual food materials
Platform: metalglass,adopted for food materials
WiFi web camera for remote control: yes
Slicer: Cura,Simplify and other open source slicers
Printing speed (chocolate): 50 mmsec
Optional equipment:SPECIAL NOZZLE FOR DOUGH 3D PRINTING WITH SIMULTANEOUS BAKING, SPECIAL NOZZLE FOR LASER GRAVING OF FOOD,available complectation with your own additional electronics,closed body etc.
EU certification: yes (CE)
Online support, 3d print food learning courses,"how-to-use 3D food printer in my
new business"courses : yes
Shipment: via DHL or EMS all over the world
Price: from 1990 euro EXW



Frequently asked questions about 3d food printer "Chocola3d"

Q: What kind of food can i print with Chocola3d printer?

A:The amount of food ingredients that can be 3d printed is unlimited.Chocolate,confectionary mixtures,cheese,meat pate,vegetable and fruit pastes,dough and

other food.Create your recipes and 3d print your custom meals.

Q: I want to make my own ingredients for Chocola3d. How do I prepare the ingredients?

A:You can prepare the ingredients by hand, or with the help of a hand-held blender, a countertop blender, a food processor, or other similar device.For the chocolate-

its just normal chocolate that has been melted(tempered). All ingredients can be prepared by hand, but machines (blenders, etc.) could make the process faster and

easier, depending on the ingredients or recipes.
With our nozzles (available in several different sizes), you can print things from chocolate, or sweet cheese,meat,veg or other food material

Q: Do I need to buy special food capsules or containers from you?
No.Do not need to buy special capsules.
We are using an open syringe model, meaning the consumer prepares and places ingredients in syringe and set the filled syringe in the 3d printer Chocola3d.
Consumers are not forced to buy pre-packaged food syringes specifically for our 3d food printer.

Q: How long does it take to print something with Chocola3d?

A:Print times depend on the ingredients, the recipe, and quantity you are printing. Some things print very fast in a matter of minutes (f.e. cheese or hummus or sweet desserts ), while other things take longer times (for example chocolate figures with precise layers can take 40 minutes to print.)

Q: I do not have any experience in 3d printing,3d food printing? How can i use Chocola3d in my business?
Do not worry. You can. We provide all supports ,all manuals and will pass all our experience ,give all information and knowledge we have for each customer.
We give you access to 3d models base and 2d-3d converting platforms,teach you how get 3d model design for your meal for 15 min and explain how to work with free and open programs(slicers) for preparing of 3d printing process. Also we give all our advices about recipes for 3d print food ,about 3d print gastronomy and real business cases and business models we and our clients tested.
We share all real business cases and implementation in HoReCa,how to get benefits from implementation of 3d food print tech for your restaurants,cafe,small or big food manufacture,gastro business etc,give you all online supports for your business.Implementation of our Chocola3d printers increase operational efiiciency of businesses,automated part of the process with the help of food 3d printers.We provide unique possibilities of customized food production for you client satisfaction and create new type of food industry with help of 3d print tech.
Food customization its a big trend.

Q: I dont have any experience in 3d modelling.Where i can get or how to create 3d models that i need? Is it difficult (how long does it take)?

A: You do not need any experience to do it. Its just 3 clicks to find the needed design in the web and just 2 click to create 3d model from your downloaded or created designpicture.We explain all.

Q.What is the difference between a 3d food printer Chocola3d and other food 3d printers?
Functionality, special controlled built-in systems for cooling, freezing, heating food materials during 3D printing process (as opposed to, for example, Flow food 3d printer, which just extruding material), additional attachments included (laser engraving of food products, etc.), the ability to quickly customize for the client, affordable price and support system.

Chocola3d pitch presentation

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